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The digital service journey to delight

It is connect care in hospitals and clinics

Nick is the Saas platform that collects and connects information fromhealth to make care simpler, more effective and more humane.

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offer the best

  With a simple and easy-to-use platform for your patients, doctors and your entire management team.

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Many insights for your management

Count on the best data collection intelligence and generate precious insights to build loyalty, reduce costs and increase performance. 

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Everything always connected

Always have all data connected in a simple and automated way with Nick. 

Quem Somos


reducing the length of stay of the patient in the unit;


to reduce input costs


adherence to test results by QR


of deleted printed exams


Expand the experience, reduce costs, build loyalty.

Count on a team to support you in
the entire digital transformation process
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Nick was born with the union between expertise in medical management and strategic data and communication. We deeply understand the pain and processes of health care to bring you all the technology and results you need.


Integration between different systemsto transform access to data in a simple and intuitive way, this is our specialty. 

Have your reception, nursing, exams and offices connected

with your ERP data, your physical records and your patient's data.

The patient at the center of everything. And the entire service team with real-time information
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A single journey, many technologies to support you.

Como funciona
Roberto (Nurse) -Caraguatatuba, SP

"The model Nick is really amazing!

It brought improvements in the reduction of internal paper consumption, ease of access to medical records and exams, all in a digital and intelligent way!"

Clients & Partners
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